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More About Me

My whole life I have felt a special energy around gathering people.

My aim is to create events that empower communities.

I produce the setting for that magic to happen!

Read on below to learn a bit more about my personal and professional background.

Who Am I?


Hands On

When I'm on-site at an event, I love handling all the small details. I'll do whatever it takes to get the task done with the best result. 


I feel on top of the world when I've got my production clip-on radio/ear piece, clipboard with run of show schedules, and my fanny pack on - ready to bring a vision to life!

Art History

I have a Bachelor's degree in Art History from Manhattanville College, a small liberal arts college in New York.


My education in art history, styles and techniques flows into my events' aesthetics.

intercultural mirrors.jpg


In 2019 I published a chapter in the book "Intercultural Mirrors: Dynamic Reconstruction of Identity". My chapter is about my study abroad experience in Guinea, West Africa in 2012, where I lived and studied as a junior undergrad in college.

My experience living abroad taught me the importance of bringing people together from different backgrounds and learning from each other. I highly value diversity and inclusion in the events I produce today.

To learn more about my chapter and how to order the book, check out this link:

A Few More Fun Facts About Me...


I studied West African marionette fabrication and performance as an undergrad in college. There's a special place in my heart for puppetry history. Anything Jim Henson I can watch for hours! One of my favorite movies is Henson's 1982 masterpiece, The Dark Crystal.


Bouldering / Rock Climbing

I love gym bouldering! My goal is to go bouldering outside in nature one day.

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Connect with me to learn more! I'd love to hear from you.

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