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"Ali is a ray of sunshine. She takes pride in her work and is always willing to stay the extra hour, make that extra phone call, or go the extra mile (literally), just to make sure a task is fully completed. Her attention to detail and work ethic is second to none. Ali is a huge asset to the Nick Event Marketing and Talent Relations Payments departments. We’re so glad to have her on our team!

-Ylna Edmond, 2016 

(Direct Supervisor at Nickelodeon)



"After our first phone interview I knew Ali was special and that I could not pass up having her on my team. Ali completely exceeded my expectations for an events coordinator and team player. She is the most organized person I’ve ever met, and her organization makes me organized and helps me work better and smarter. Ali always makes sure she gets the job done, even under tight deadlines without ever compromising the quality of her work. She goes through her projects with a fine-toothed comb and focuses on details others can easily forget, and that’s what makes Ali so unique and makes her work stand out. Within a short amount of time working together, Ali was able and ready to take on planning her own events without supervision and she again exceeded my expectations. She knows how to listen to her clients and bring their vision to life with her professional touches added to each event. Ali is a brilliant event producer, but also a skilled communicator and marketer. She goes above and beyond and it’s been such a pleasure working with such a reliable and can-do attitude individual. Beyond our work together in the Events department at LMU, Ali volunteers her time to different clubs and organizations’ graduations and special events which shows she loves her work, and that is something you so rarely see. She is a breath of fresh air and always has a smile on her face, and I encourage anyone to jump on the opportunity of working with her."

-Krista Franceschini, 2020 

(Direct Supervisor at Loyola Marymount University)​

Ali_EMERGE Pride.png


"I worked with Ali on the volunteer board of Emerge at Viacom. In my 4 years working with Ali, I never once worried that she would miss a deadline or under-deliver on an event. Not only would she execute to perfection, she would often proactively bring opportunities to the board and see them through to the end by herself. Ali is nothing short of a superstar, and I am so grateful that she ever walked into my life."

-Brandon Grabowski, 2018

(Ali reported directly to Brandon in Viacom's LGBT Employee Resource Group)



"Ali Hoyt was a joy to work with, not only is her energy and motivation unmatched, she is highly skilled in event coordinating. Ali served as a "VolunQueer" within the LGBT Student Services office at Loyola Marymount University. In this role she was personally responsible for cultivating and crafting the office's social media account. Although she was nervous at first, her tenacity and industriousness resulted in her learning quickly the skills necessary to accomplish the task at hand! Ali was instrumental in sharing resources with students and highlighting intersectional voices. Following Ali's "VolunQueer" time she also presented to our queer student leaders an incredibly informative workshop on crafting intersectional narratives and representation through social media. She also highlighted ways in which students can utilize social media as a method of event coordinating! It was fantastic and the students learned a great deal from Ali as well!"

- Lalo Moreno, 2020

(Ali reported directly to Lalo in Loyola Marymount University's Office of LGBT Student Services)



"I have had the pleasure of working with Ali Hoyt for over a year, as she generously served on our events team for Children's Media Association in Los Angeles. All I can say is that Ali is a complete dream to work with! She jumps in fully to every project, is upbeat and excited to take on challenges and her attention to detail and ability to anticipate guest's needs is invaluable.

Ali hosted 3 events for us, which included a holiday party and movie nights and she also supported countless other events, including a big event with our corporate sponsors. Whenever Ali is leading an event, I know it will be successful. She is proactive, budget conscious, creative and fully owns her commitments. Anybody who has a chance to work with Ali will be very lucky- she's a gem!"

- Stephanie Sosa, 2020

National President, Children's Media Association (CMA)

(Ali reported directly to Stephanie at CMA)

Fairytale Wedding


"Ali was a pleasure to work with as she helped us plan and host a very small backyard wedding for our daughter. From over 1,000 miles away, I had total confidence in her to be our contact person with local vendors and to give attention to every detail.  From managing rentals and coordinating various deliveries & set-ups to making sure the reception ran smoothly to the end, she had everything covered. Late in the planning, we decided to add a Zoom component to allow extended family and friends to join us for the ceremony. Ali had to navigate around a spotty internet connection plus multiple device combos to make it happen. Her calm, professional and can-do attitude throughout the whole process was very reassuring. Along with the live stream, she put together a lovely pre-ceremony photo slideshow with music, which was thoroughly enjoyed by all our “virtual” guests. I highly recommend Ali and her work to anyone planning a special event."

- Lisa R., 2020


"As an event professional myself, I was incredibly grateful having Ali produce my sister's virtual baby shower so I could fully enjoy the event and interact with our guests. I'm constantly amazed and impressed by Ali's high level of professionalism, meticulousness, organization and poise."

- Natalie W., 2020




"I joined Ali's "[virtual] listening event" to celebrate the holidays. I loved her innovative approach to gathering to mark the holiday and her idea to invite the group to use the sense of hearing mixed up the "usual" virtual event in the best way. The event was the perfect mix of engaging (up front) and delightfully relaxing (during). I was pleasantly surprised at how connected I felt even in the absence of directly conversing/meeting other attendees!"

- Taylor Buonocore-Guthrie, 2021

Co-Founder, Convers(ate)

(Client + Attendee)

"It was truly relaxing and listening to [Ali] dive into the music in such a delicate way, with all the guidance and fun little sidenotes, it really was impressive."

- Daniel B., 2021


Writing Letters


"Ali is a rockstar with the superpower of helping her clients get clarity on their vision and the steps needed to execute it. Managing NLH’s Spring Card project, Ali stayed one step ahead of us, anticipating next courses of action and tying off every conceivable task while ensuring the cards were developed and delivered within the agreed-upon scope, budget and schedule. Ali’s extraordinary organizational skills and her attention to detail were key in producing top-notch cards that reflect the NLH brand of excellence. She was also a pleasure to work with due to her upbeat personality/infectious positive energy, strong work ethic that produced accurate and quick results, and dedication to bringing our vision to life resulting in a product better than the one we envisioned."

- Matthew J. and Janelle J.
Co-Founders of
Next Level Heroes (NLH)


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